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Preplant or Postharvest

12.8 oz/acre

EXCAVATOR® breaks down residue and increases nutrient availability for the next crop to access. It has many application benefits in no-till and conventional tillage practices. In many cases, it can replace the need for a tillage pass. If cover crops are a part of your crop plan, EXCAVATOR is an ideal tank-mix partner when terminating cover crops.

With N application

6 oz/ 50 units of N w/ Ammonia

MAINTAIN™ ELITE extends nitrogen availability and uptake and reduces nitrogen loss due to leaching through its Micro-Chain Technology, which captures and maintains more nitrogen in the upper root zone. Microbe-Friendly System

At Planting

1 pail treats 50 at 80k seeds units of corn per unit

RHTC is powered by BIO‑CAPSULE™ Technology – a patented delivery system that allows for the addition of multiple biological solutions safely packaged for convenient deployment at planting. ETHER™ Enzyme Technology kick starts microbial activity and improves critical early phosphorus uptake.

At Planting

0.5 - 2.5 lb/acre

UPSHIFT® C powered by ETHER™ Enzyme Technology, a liquid starter fertilizer concentrate, combines two enzymes specifically identified to increase phosphate availability, increase nutrient and water availability, and boost plant growth while maximizing microbial activity.

With N application

1.5 qt/ton UAN 2-3 qt/ton of urea

Maximize nitrogen spend with N-GEAR® DUAL ACTION, which provides both above and below ground protection, increasing nitrogen efficiency. It is specifically formulated for use in urea and UAN scenarios. Microbe-Friendly System

Vegetative Stages

2 oz/ac

REVLINE® EARLY-SEASON contains two plant growth regulators (PGRs) found in nature that stimulate seeding and plant growth and improve root development. EARLY-SEASON also has vitamins that aid transplanting and plant growth.

V3 - V8

1 qt/ac

HARVESTSHIELD™ COMPLETE is a solution specifically formulated to mitigate abiotic stress conditions. By combining essential micronutrients that maximize photosynthesis with stress mitigation ingredients, HARVESTSHIELD COMPLETE allows growers to realize more value from this easy-to-use, all-in-one product.

V12 - R2

1-2 qt/ac

HOMESTRETCH® NKB-S is a blend of potassium, boron, molybdenum and sulfur. It is ideal for in-season nutrient applications, especially right before or during reproductive stages to enhance nutrient source to sync, supporting grain fill.

V12 - R2

12.8 oz/ac

REVLINE® LATE SEASON plant growth regulator is designed to reduce stress, increase pollination and support photosynthesis during grain fill.