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Breakthrough to Excellence 2023

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John Tiarks

Midline Farms, Underwood, Iowa

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“When it comes to rootworm damage it feels like if you have the wrong trait in the wrong place, you are talking 30-40 bushel loss. Putting the right hybrid on the right farm and then if the trait is week pairing it with GUARD X will be phenomenal for costumers as far as really maximizing hybrid performance on an acre. GUARD X is just going to give us a little more insurance to make sure we get to the finish line like we need to be.”
Ben Shaeffer

Morrall, Ohio

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“I like N-GEAR. 2 years ago, we did not get a rain for a week or two after applying. The N-GEAR held it long enough for the plant to get hold of it. Going through that drought at side dress time it really held that nitrogen from evaporating and allowed it to get into the root system and not go to deep into the soil to where the roots can’t get to it. N-Gear is a cheap insurance policy. If you don’t get rain for two weeks you have a good feeling your nitrogen is still sticking around longer than it would without it.”
Josh McClain

Firebolt Ag, Kansas

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“The Carbon Credit industry is a way to generate revenue on farms by selling the tons of carbon they sequester and selling it to manufactures to offset their emissions. A lot of meristems products go hand in hand with sequestering carbon. For example, a reduction of tillage is a quick way to qualify every acre and it pays out extremely well in the carbon industry. If a farmer was to use EXCAVATOR, then that will help offset the cost of that product and enhance their crop and the computer model will pick that up so as you are increasing your plant yield and plant health you also increase your carbon sequestering.”
Nick Fries

Summit View Ag, Norwalk, WI

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“We first tried HARVESTSHIELD™ on our own farm when we had stressed soybeans from a neighbor’s Dicamba application. We had crinkled beans, and it was at a time when they were just beginning to flower; HARVESTSHIELD sure changed things. From herbicide damage like that you would expect a yield loss, but they snapped back and we ended up getting well above our average for that field. We farm about 1,500 acres, and we test all these products on our farm before we sell them. We are now telling our guys to put HARVESTSHIELD in with their second herbicide pass. We often have in-season weed issues in our area and run the risk of flower drop. You are negating that flower drop with HARVESTSHIELD, and it helps avoid the yield loss. We’ve seen a benefit from 5 to 10 bushels per acre on beans.”
Adam Conrad

Axis Ohio, Marion, OH

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“We have used RACEREADY™ seed treatment for several years now. The products have been extremely easy to use in the pre-blended formulas and our customers can rest assured they are getting a premium product to protect the investment they have made in our seed.”