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Breakthrough to Excellence 2023

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Mike Jenks


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“You could feel the difference under your feet in the field. It was one of those “no way” moments. If you would have pulled those samples from both control and EXCAVATOR® and gone off to your own lab and brought me those results, I would have said it was just your propaganda. But we pulled our own samples and sent it to our lab and it showed this big difference. Meristem was completely out of that loop. Given our weather challenges in the spring, this is a good win for us.”
Adam Conrad

Axis Ohio, Marion, OH

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“We have used RACEREADY™ seed treatment for several years now. The products have been extremely easy to use in the pre-blended formulas and our customers can rest assured they are getting a premium product to protect the investment they have made in our seed.”
Nick Fries

Summit View Ag, Norwalk, WI

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“We first tried HARVESTSHIELD™ on our own farm when we had stressed soybeans from a neighbor’s Dicamba application. We had crinkled beans, and it was at a time when they were just beginning to flower; HARVESTSHIELD sure changed things. From herbicide damage like that you would expect a yield loss, but they snapped back and we ended up getting well above our average for that field. We farm about 1,500 acres, and we test all these products on our farm before we sell them. We are now telling our guys to put HARVESTSHIELD in with their second herbicide pass. We often have in-season weed issues in our area and run the risk of flower drop. You are negating that flower drop with HARVESTSHIELD, and it helps avoid the yield loss. We’ve seen a benefit from 5 to 10 bushels per acre on beans.”
Patrick Conyea

C&C Ag Solutions

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“REVLINE® HOPPER THROTTLE™ CORN from Meristem is a product that I feel is revolutionizing the industry. It’s unique because of the 80/20 Talc/Graphite blend and 1.35 lbs of Zinc, all of which is designed specifically for an early corn crop. The emergence paired with large root systems results in high balanced nutrient values in the plant.”
Troy Jangula

Napoleon, ND

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“UPSHIFT® C has exceeded our expectations. We totally altered our starter program and aren’t seeing any drawbacks. UPSHIFT C is easy to use, we have had zero plugging issues while planting, and the results we’re seeing are just as good or better at half the cost. We haven’t seen a downside to this product since using it.”