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MAINTAIN ELITE is an advanced nitrogen management system that increases nitrogen availability and uptake, in addition to reducing nitrogen loss due to leaching.

Product Overview

Farmers that drive for consistent profits know that season-long availability of nitrogen is critical to maximizing corn yields. MAINTAIN ELITE utilizes an improved formulation to extend nitrogen availability and uptake and reduce nitrogen loss. MAINTAIN ELITE provides more calcium and enhanced polymer technology. It is intended for use as an additive to anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer applied below ground.

Micro-Chain Technology captures and maintains more nitrogen in the upper root zone, increasing nitrogen uptake and utilization. The NH4 molecules are more densely packed, leading to more binding sites to limit nitrogen loss.

Additional Product Information

Use Rate

Anhydrous Ammonia: Use 6 oz. of per 50 units of Nitrogen, up to a maximum use rate of 24 oz. per acre.

UAN Solutions (28-32%): 2 quarts per ton of total solution

Liquid Manure: 24-32 oz per acre