RACEREADY™ INOCULANT was developed by the leading authority of soybean inoculants and is made with a unique blend of effective Rhizobia strains that allow for performance under a wide variety of soils.

Use Rate

0.775 fl. oz. / 140k units of soybean seed (Hopper Box Treatment or Bulk Treatment)


APPLICATION RATE ON SEED 0.775 fl. oz. / 140k units of soybean seed (0.55 fl. oz. liquid rhizobia; 0.125 fl. oz. liquid extender and 0.10 fl. oz. Trichoderma) for Hopper Box Treatment or Bulk Treatment. BATCH APPLICATION Measure the appropriate amount of RACEREADY™ INOCULANT for the amount of seed being inoculated. Apply uniformly over the seed and stir until all seeds are coated. Plant seed immediately for optimal performance. Seed must be reinoculated if not planted within 120 days.