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RACEREADY™ F+I protects your soybeans against harmful early-season disease and insects, reduces dust-off, and improves plantability.

Product Overview

RACEREADY™ F+I seed treatment gives your soybeans unsurpassed protection against harmful early-season disease and insects. With a best-in-class fungicide and insecticide package, combined with a polymer proven to reduce dust-off and improve plantability, RACEREADY F+I delivers a winning performance at a value that just makes sense.

Additional Product Information

Use Rate

RACEREADY™ F+I is a pre-mix designed for use in commercial liquid seed treatment systems. The pre-mix contains the fungicide, insecticide FloRite1 and a colorant.

The application rate for the pre-mix is 2.12 oz per 50 lb of soybeans. Simply connect the keg to the slurry tank and set system to apply product at the suggested use rate.