Zinc 9% is recommended to correct zinc deficiencies and should be used on the basis of a soil and/or tissue analysis.

Use Rate

Avoid applying this product when plants are suffering from moisture stress. If there is any doubt, apply the spray solution to a small test area of the crop or foliage to assess any undesirable effects or phytotoxicity before general application. Field, Row and Vegetable Crops: Apply 1-2 pints per acre in a
minimum of 20 gallons water. Fruit, Tree and Vine Crops: Apply 1-4 pints per acre per application throughout the growing season. More frequent applications at 2 pint per acre may be needed to correct
deficiencies once they occur. Aerial: Apply 0.5-1 pint per acre in at least 10 gallons of water.

Field, Row and Vegetable Crops: Apply 2-8 quarts per acre. Fruit, Tree and Vine Crops: Apply 2-10 quarts per acre or 1 to 4 Tbsp per inch of tree diameter.


HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% offers high quality, fully chelated EDTA micronutrients. The chelation shields and protects the nutrients, which prevents them from reacting and binding with other elements in the soil and other fertilizers. This protection helps ensure that nutrients remain available to the plant in a wide range of tank mixes, as well as pH and soil conditions. Minimum orders may apply.