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Farmers Are Optimistic, But See Higher Input Prices as Key Risk


Farmers around the world are optimistic about their financial situation heading into 2023, according to a survey of 5,500 producers by the consulting firm McKinsey and Co.

When asked about the “top three opportunities and risks to your profits over the next two years,” 64 percent listed higher crop prices as the leading opportunity, with “higher yields” next with 61 percent.

On the risk side, “higher input prices” was far and away the dominant concern with 80 percent of North American respondents concerned about runaway input costs.

“It’s time for growers to choose a better path and get more done with less,” said Mitch Eviston, Founder and CEO of Meristem Crop Performance in response to that data point. “We are bringing alternatives to farmers that will help them make the most of every dollar they DO spend – more farmers need to take a good look at putting some of this innovation to use. It works.”

Eviston calls it the “Next Generation Starter System.”

“First, treat your residue with EXCAVATOR™ and release up to 40% more nutrients in time for early-season crop nutrition,” he said.  (Learn more here:

“Then move away from blanket all-field fertilizer applications to more strip-till and in-furrow starters,” Eviston continued. “Field research with REVLINE™ HOPPER THROTTLE™ and the talc/graphite carrier system for biologicals demonstrates a substantial per acre yield bump.”

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