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Xcel Ag Teams Up With Meristem Crop Performance


Seneca, Kansas; Sept. 21, 2023 — Corey Holthaus of Xcel Ag, Seneca, Kansas; and Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, today announced a new dealership agreement to serve farmers in Northeastern Kansas.

Under the new relationship, Holthaus and his business, Xcel Ag, will carry the Meristem Crop Performance product line and become Meristem’s ally in helping Kansas farmers make the most of every dollar they spend on crop inputs.

“It’s our mission at Meristem to help growers make the most of every seed they plant and every dollar they spend,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO, in announcing the agreement. “That’s the goal Corey and his team at Xcel Ag work toward every day and we are excited to be connected with them to reach more farmers in Northeastern Kansas.”

Holthaus grew up on a family farm near Seneca and continues to farm with his grandfather, father, uncle, and brother. He is married to Abbey, and they have a son, Walker. Several years ago, he launched another family business, Xcel Ag, to sell Channel Seed and provide agronomic services. Holthaus said that by adding Meristem Crop Performance, Xcel Ag is taking the next step in the mission of doing all he can to serve growers all season long.

“Delivering seed at planting and saying, ‘see you next year’ is NOT how we serve farmers,” he emphasizes. “We want to help them all the way through the season with every trip they choose to make across the field.”

Xcel Ag will now add the Meristem product portfolio including RACEREADY™ seed treatments, HOPPER THROTTLE™ planter box treatments, REVLINE® biologicals and plant growth regulators, TRUTRACK® drift control, AQUADRAFT® water conditioners and surfactants, UPSHIFT® starter fertilizers and HOMESTRETCH® micronutrients and foliar nutritionals. Of special interest is EXCAVATOR®, powered by MICROBILIZE™, a new biological designed to break down tough crop residue and release nutrients faster.

“What works in Illinois or Iowa in their corn-on-corn cropping won’t necessarily work out here in Kansas,” said Holthaus. “Our approach is based on tailoring our service to each farmer and each field they farm, and Meristem’s portfolio gives us more tools to use. There’s certainly no way to win with a one-size-fits-all approach around here.”

Stewardship, Holthaus explained, is another reason Meristem is a good fit for his operation. “This Meristem team is focused on reducing waste and helping growers raise more bushels at less cost for each unit of that yield. That’s always been our mission, too.”

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