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Wehmeyer Seed and Meristem Team Up to Serve American Crop Producers


Ever since Dale Wehmeyer left the University of Missouri Foundation Seed program to start his family-owned business Wehmeyer Seed, the focus has been on producing, conditioning, and distributing high-quality seed and the knowledge of how to make the most of each one.

“We’re independent, we’re family-owned, and we are grateful for the part we play in the global seed supply chain and we take it very seriously,” says Wehmeyer, president and CEO. “Our goal is always to exceed customer expectations for quality and service.”

Now, as a next step in that effort to help farmer-customers help every seed meet its potential, Wehmeyer today announced that Wehmeyer Seed ( has entered a dealership agreement with Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC (, a fast-growing supplier of high-quality crop inputs. Under the new relationship, Wehmeyer Seed will carry the Meristem Crop Performance product line and become Meristem’s ally in helping Corn Belt farmers make every acre even more profitable.

“Wehmeyer Seed has been serving farmers since 1995 with experience and knowledge as well as high quality seed,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO, in announcing the agreement.  “We’re excited to be able to come alongside to help them serve their farmer-customers and also gain from their field experience and input as we add new products.” 

Matt Wehmeyer, vice president of sales, says they view adding the Meristem portfolio as another logical element in carrying out the Wehmeyer Seed team mission of improving return on investment (ROI) for every farmer the company serves.

“Our passion is to provide our customers with high quality seed and a high-quality experience,” says Wehmeyer. “We see our engagement with Meristem as the next step in bringing even more success to our farmer-customers.”

This sort of innovation and stewardship seem to be facets of Wehmeyer Seed’s continuous improvement. They recently converted their huge seed conditioning facility to include solar power as an energy source. Solar panels now cover the southern side of the roof on their massive warehouse. “Good stewardship of energy is one key to our sustainability as a company,” says Matt Wehmeyer.

Weymeyer Seed will add the Meristem product portfolio including REVLINE™ plant growth regulators, TRUTRACK drift control, AQUADRAFT water conditioners and surfactants, UPSHIFT starter fertilizers and HOMESTRETCH™ nitrogen stabilizers, micronutrients, and foliar nutritionals. Of special interest is a line of biologicals Meristem is bringing to market, including EXCAVATOR™, a new biological designed to break down tough crop residue and HOPPER THROTTLE™, a talc/graphite seed lubricant carrying nutrient-boosting microbes.

“We’ve set up Meristem to cut waste from the distribution channel while providing high-quality crop input additives to help American farmers increase yield and reduce costs, so they are more competitive in a global market,” adds Eviston. “Now, with the help of Wehmeyer Seed, we’ll be able to connect with more of the farmers who can benefit.”

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