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Taylor Janicek Joins Meristem Crop Performance


Crop Nutrition Specialist To Serve Growers And Develop Dealers in Northern Corn Belt

Columbus, Oh., June 29, 2022 – Experienced ag account professional Taylor Janicek has joined Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC, one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Janicek now becomes Meristem’s sales representative in the Northern Corn Belt, operating out of central Michigan.

“Taylor Janicek has proven herself as a top-notch advisor to farmers pursuing higher yields by feeding the crop the right way and assuring plant health at every stage of crop growth,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO in announcing the hire. “Taylor is intent on helping farmers succeed and we are excited to gain the value of her knowledge and experience as we take Meristem to the next level.”

Janicek grew up in a farm business near Corunna, Mich., where her family had a crossbred cattle and grain operation and a trucking company. She’s a graduate of Michigan State University, where she majored majored in agribusiness and is currently on a path toward gaining her MBA from Purdue University. Janicek has honed her agronomic skills most recently with NACHURS Liquid Fertilizer, gaining experience with a wide variety of crops and grower conditions in Illinois, Iowa, then in Utah, Idaho and Nevada.  She says this diversity of growing conditions has been a good thing for gaining agronomic knowledge key to improving plant health and crop yield.

“Crop nutrition is my forte now,” she says. “Understanding the differences among crops for nutrients and timing has pushed me to learn more and to think proactively about the possible changing limitations the crop faces through the season and how to help the plants offset any threat to yield.” 

Why did she join the Meristem team? She says what made it an easy decision was “really the products and the clear effort to serve the farmer with products that will improve ROI. I’m really excited to have a more complete portfolio to represent and be able to bring farmers more options for every pass they take through the field.” Meristem’s innovation with EXCAVATOR™ and HOPPER THROTTLE™ products is appealing to her. “Biologicals are the future,” Janicek says, “and better understanding soil health and all the elements that contribute to plant growth has so much potential for improving any crop you grow.”

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