“…really notable innovation.”


– Shane Thomas, Upstream Ag Insights

Meristem’s launch of two patent-pending biological delivery systems – BIO-CAPSULE™ and MICROBILIZE™ – has drawn considerable media attention. Shane Thomas brought the innovation of it into sharp focus for his readers in the most recent edition of UpStream Ag Insights.  
“The compelling part here is the ability to have the nutrients and biologicals being applied immediately near the seed to help with plant uptake while the new patented packaging allows to not have to worry about microbe viability and streamlining the number of product jugs to manage for a farmer,” Thomas writes. “Really notable innovation. This quote stood out to me:” 
Another BIO-CAPSULE will be charged with a microbial team proven to fix nitrogen and solubilize nutrients.  
“This quote is an illustration of where this could potentially be that coming to fruition to create meaningful value for the farmer,” Thomas continues. He also notes that MICROBILIZE™ represents IP (intellectual property) that can improve the performance of many other products yet to be determined.  
“The biological space gets thought of in terms of active ingredients that have some specific physiological response on a crop, such as bacillus subtilis,” he writes. “However, there are products that do not always work directly on the crop, but work directly on or in support of other microbes to augment performance, shelf storage or in soil viability…MICROBILIZE falls into (this) category.” Find the full story at