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Shane Brockhoff Joins Meristem Team as Regional Director, Iowa


Experienced agronomist set to reach more farmers and expand Meristem’s dealer network in Iowa Another leading agronomic professional has joined Meristem Crop Performance, one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Shane Brockhoff becomes Meristem’s Regional Director, Iowa. Brockhoff has deep experience in helping growers boost their profitability with the right products and practices, […]

Nikki Decesare To Manage New Warehouse


Veteran logistics manager Nikki Decesare has joined Meristem Crop Performance and will manage the new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in Westfield, Indiana. She will track inventory and oversee order fulfillment at the new warehouse. John Gertz, Meristem’s Chief Operating Officer says the new warehouse is crucial to managing Meristem’s growth, and another key victory is the people […]

Meristem Opens New Warehouse in Westfield, Indiana

“…solution to help us cut waste and drive down costs for Meristem farmer-customers.” Columbus, Ohio and Westfield, Ind. (AgPR) Mar. 2, 2023 – After rigorous logistical analysis and rapid construction, Meristem Crop Performance has built and opened a new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in Westfield, Indiana, the company announced here today. Meristem logistics team leaders are already on site accepting […]

More Bushels for Less with Meristem


“We grew 113.1 Bu./A. soybeans…” – John Torrance, Illinois Soybean Champion Near Gladstone, Illinois, John Torrance earned the title of 2022 Illinois Soybean Yield Champion with an extraordinary crop on a 200-acre river bottom farm near the Mississippi River. “It’s a mile-long field and we use a 40-foot head on the combine,” he explains, “I […]

Nebraska Farmer and Spring-applied EXCAVATOR™:

“No More Trash Talk” Better hybrids, higher plant populations and increasing yields are bringing a new challenge to many farmers: How do I handle all this trash, er…residue? “No more trash talk,” smiles Fred Below, Ph.D., crop physiologist at the University of Illinois. ”Farmers need to respect the nutrient value of residue.” Below has calculated […]

Big Demand Sharpens Need For Higher Soybean Yields


“We’ve got to make up for lost time and help farmers grow more bushels for less cost.” $350 million from Archer Daniels Midland. $475 million from Cargill. $600 million from Chevron – just three of many companies investing big in new U.S. soybean crushing capacity all across the Corn Belt. “Plant capacity is up 110% […]

Indiana No-tiller: More Bushels With EXCAVATOR™


“…I’m going to put it on 400 more acres this year.” For Lee Anderson of Anderson Farms, Burnettsville, Ind., residue seems to be a big opportunity wrapped in a bigger challenge. This year, he had success with something new: EXCAVATOR™, a biological that breaks down residue and releases nutrients from a new player on the […]

Research Shows Superior Performance from Microbes Delivered Through Meristem’s Patented Technologies


“We grew 113.1 bushel per acre soybeans…” Columbus, Ohio, (AgPR) Feb. 2, 2023 –– Independent research results are in and clearly demonstrate superior performance by biologicals applied through patented BIO-CAPSULE™ and MICROBILIZE™ microbe delivery systems, Meristem Crop Performance® announced here today. “We did extensive field studies at multiple locations with several third-party research partners,” said Mitch […]

Agronomy Pro Caleb Miller Named Meristem Account Manager


Columbus, Ohio, (AgPR) Jan. 17, 2023– Experienced ag account professional and seed rep Caleb Miller has joined Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC (www.MeristemAg.com), one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Miller becomes Meristem’s account manager and in Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. “Caleb Miller is a service-oriented expert at helping farmers get solid crop […]

Meristem’s Advanced Concentrate System


“Lower Cost and improved efficiency…” – Shane Thomas Product Highlight “Meristem Crop Performance continues to do innovative things within the industry,” writes Shane Thomas in his weekly newsletter, UpStream Ag Insights. “Not just in the technology within the products, but how they go to market and enable other players in the market.” Thomas had spotted […]


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