Railroads and Fertilizer: A Train Wreck of Corporate Consolidation


Call it a train wreck of oligopolies with acres and acres of unintended consequences. CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season, according […]

Izaak Rathke and Jim Sitar Join Meristem Team


Two more leading agronomic professionals have joined Meristem Crop Performance, one of the fastest-growing crop input suppliers in America. Izaak Rathke becomes Meristem’s director of large farm Business accounts and Jim Sitar becomes sales representative for the upper western Corn Belt. Rathke and Sitar both have deep experience in helping growers boost their profitability with […]

Godsey Precision Ag Teams With Meristem Crop Performance


After gaining his PhD in Agronomy and Soil Fertility from Kansas State, Chad Godsey spent seven years as a precision ag cropping system specialist for Oklahoma State University. This broad field experience, added to his early years on a farm near Wray, Colorado, brought a clear realization of a gap he saw between university research […]

Strip-Till Farmer and Meristem to Host Webinar


Live “FIGHT BACK” Demo on March 30, at 10am CDT Join the editors of Strip-Till Farmer , Chad Gripp of Gripp Custom Farming and Peter Rousonelos of Meristem on Wednesday, March 30, at 10 a.m. CDT, for a live product demonstration webinar, “It’s Time to FIGHT BACK with Meristem Crop Performance™️.” You’ll learn: How EXCAVATOR offers four ways […]

Wehmeyer Seed and Meristem Team Up to Serve American Crop Producers

Ever since Dale Wehmeyer left the University of Missouri Foundation Seed program to start his family-owned business Wehmeyer Seed, the focus has been on producing, conditioning, and distributing high-quality seed and the knowledge of how to make the most of each one. “We’re independent, we’re family-owned, and we are grateful for the part we play […]

Impact of M&A in Food and Ag: DOJ and FTC to Hold Forum


The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will host a series of listening forums to hear from those who have experienced firsthand the effects of mergers and acquisitions. Food and Agriculture is one of four sectors slated for this kind of forum. Others are Health Care, Media and Entertainment and Technology. According to […]

Gripp Custom Farming Teams Up With Meristem to Serve Illinois Farmers


It was in the mid-1990s that Chad Gripp was faced with some tough choices: Was there a future for him in farming? “Most of our farm equipment was at least 20 years old,” he remembers. “And our farm wasn’t big enough to also support me when I would be graduating from Illinois State.” But Gripp […]

Ohio Agronomist Looking to EXCAVATOR™ to Help Get Soybeans in the Ground Earlier 


Lewis Stearns, an agronomist and farmer in Northwest Ohio, says handling heavy corn residue before planting soybeans is key to getting them planted early. And getting the beans in the ground early is key to higher yields. “Early-planting for soybeans trumps most everything else in terms of yield benefit,” says Stearns. “You can expect a […]

Attorney General Asks ISU to Study High Fertilizer Prices

Concerns over high fertilizer prices continue to mount among corn growers across the U.S. as prep for the 2022 planting season intensifies. Editors for Pro Farmer report that Iowa Attorney General (AG) Tom Miller is directing Iowa State University agriculture economist John Crespi, director of ISU’s Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, to conduct an […]

New, Patent-pending EXCAVATOR™ Formula Chalking Up Major-league Nutrient Release Numbers


“…significant residue reduction and up to 100 pounds more NPK…” Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 17, 2022 – As fertilizer prices hit record highs, one company is helping farmers claw back nutrients they already bought with a new patent-pending, fast-acting biological to break down residue and release more nutrients for next season’s crop. “Results show significant residue reduction inside […]


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