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Nikki Decesare To Manage New Warehouse


Veteran logistics manager Nikki Decesare has joined Meristem Crop Performance and will manage the new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in Westfield, Indiana. She will track inventory and oversee order fulfillment at the new warehouse.

John Gertz, Meristem’s Chief Operating Officer says the new warehouse is crucial to managing Meristem’s growth, and another key victory is the people hired to run it, Nikki Decesare and Jim Clay. “Both have great experience in logistics, inventory and order fulfillment,” he says, “but the key X factor: They both know the rhythm of the crop season, too.”

Decesare joins Meristem veteran Ashley McCann, sales and customer care manager, to spearhead the company’s new customer care initiative, designed to assure a first-class customer experience and product stewardship for every farmer-customer.

Growing up in Waterville, Ohio, Decesare came to logistics early when she moved to Indiana after high school graduation to work in a huge warehouse for her father, Milo. There she gained skills in inventory management, operating forklifts and loading trucks.

“I worked with my father for nine years and ended up writing ISO 9000 procedures and learning almost everything there was to learn about order management and fulfillment,” she smiles. From there, she went to another seed treatment operation, where she was a customer service rep for ten years, taking orders, shipping orders and managing all aspects of logistics.

“My focus is to make sure everybody ordering from Meristem gets exactly what they ordered, and they get it when they need it and want it,” says Decesare. “We do that by focusing on the details of the order, making certain they are clear, and then double-checking all of it.”

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