More Soybean Acres?


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Soybean prices surged this week. Combined with higher nitrogen prices, that could push soybean acres higher in 2022, but opinions on that do vary.

“Right now you have a wide range of estimates, and it’s early,” Chip Nellinger of Blue Reef Agri-Marketing told AgWeb. “Usually, we haven’t seen this type of estimate this early on. I’ve seen them from 87 to 88 million on the downside for corn. An University of Illinois ag economist is at 96 million corn acres. And so I think you’re probably looking at the widest variance of opinion here low to high in corn acreage that maybe we’ve ever had.”

Either way – corn or soybeans – Meristem Crop Performance has your back, says Rob McClelland, Meristem President and CMO.

“If you’re choosing to raise beans, we want to remind you that you can improve your yield with Revline Hopper Throttle for soybeans,” says McClelland. “We have formulations for both corn and soybeans, and both have proven to boost yields remarkably.”