Meristem’s Advanced Concentrate System


“Lower Cost and improved efficiency…” – Shane Thomas

Product Highlight

“Meristem Crop Performance continues to do innovative things within the industry,” writes Shane Thomas in his weekly newsletter, UpStream Ag Insights. “Not just in the technology within the products, but how they go to market and enable other players in the market.”

Thomas had spotted a story in The Daily Scoop on Meristem’s new Advanced Concentrate System from Meristem Retail Platform Services, an effort to further drive waste from the distribution channel by “bringing adjuvant manufacturing closer to the point of sale,’ as Thomas emphasized. 

“The way to think about this applied to our agriculture setting is that Meristem is the Coca-Cola company, selling proprietary adjuvant ingredients to retailers who act equivalent to the bottling companies, making the product into its final usable form and then selling to farmers. The benefits are multi-pronged:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Improved lead times 
  • Improved efficiency of just-in-time manufacturing processes
  • Improved feasibility of mass customization through a tight feedback loop

Also, more sustainable because you are using less energy to ship….”

You can find Thomas’s full December issue here.