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Langer and Aquadraft Extreme: “I’m Really Impressed.”


Early results are in: Meristem’s new all-in-one adjuvant technology made application more convenient and effective for many across the Corn Belt this year.

“We were lucky enough to get a good amount of a AQUADRAFT EXTREME™ ahead of its wide release and I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing with that product,” says Tommy Langer of Langer Farms and Ag Services near Lyndon Station, Wisc. “Instead of having three different jugs and stocking all those boxes and products, I have one product that has the AMS (ammonium sulfate), NIS (surfactant) and the drift reduction agent all in one.”

AQUADRAFTTM EXTREME is a blend of water conditioning agent (ammonium sulfate), surfactants, drift reduction agents and humectants. AQUADRAFT EXTREME also contains an antifoaming agent. Features and benefits are many: 

• Ultimate convenience at the spray trailer. What took three jugs now comes in one.

• Designed for glyphosate, glufosinate, ENLIST and other herbicides requiring a high load of AMS. 

• Pre-dissolved liquid ammonium sulfate means less sediment and improved performance. 

• Improved deposition and coverage: More right-sized droplets for better coverage and reduced drift.

Langer says convenience is impressive, but the efficacy of the product is also “excellent.”

“With this stuff, the herbicides are sticking a lot better – when you make a round in head rows of the field and you come back around you can see the shimmer of the product you applied. It’s clearly sticking to the plant to do its job.”  So, you win two ways, he says. “You’ve got less hassles in the mixing, and the product is sticking to the plant and doing its job better.”

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