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Frenchman Valley Coop Drives Innovation And Yield with Platte Peak Crop Performance


“V5+Bio is really the full-meal deal for boosting crop performance with an in-furrow starter…”

In the face of rising input costs, leaders at Frenchman Valley Farmers Cooperative, Imperial, Neb., say they are redoubling efforts to provide innovative options for farmers seeking better ROI (return on investment). They recently unveiled two new products under the Platte Peak Crop Performance crop input brand as more evidence.

“Stand Strong” is the tagline introducing the new nutrient-packed starter fertilizer formulations –V5 and V5+Bio – that include different micronutrients and biological components. An image of a sword-swinging knight accompanies the brands.

“These are extraordinary products, and we have to find ways to convey that fact,” says Ben Sauder, Frenchman Valley Vice President of Agronomy in providing background on the new products.  “Our new V5+Bio really the full-meal deal for boosting crop performance with an in-furrow starter at planting time and it can help farmers make more money and keep more of what they earn.”

With Platte Peak™ Crop Performance, a new line of trademarked crop inputs, Sauder says Frenchman Valley Cooperative (FVC) has taken steps toward providing the best possible crop input line-up under local control, thereby bringing new products and systems designed to improve yield, reduce greenhouse gases and remove waste from the crop input distribution system.

Sauder says Platte Peak brand is a natural next step for FVC. “We have devoted years and countless resources into providing our growers with the most logical solutions to our tough problems,” he says. “Economic viability is the key component of sustainable crop production and it’s at the heart of our new efforts with Platte Peak Crop Performance.” he says. Sauder says FVC is pushing greater sustainability through the brand in four key areas:

Strategic Sourcing. “We deal directly with product providers and have them formulate high quality crop inputs to meet the unique needs of farmers in our four-state service area,” says Sauder. “With timely shipping and fewer warehouses, we create economic value by removing waste in the system. We can then pass along those savings to our members.”

Concentrated Inputs.   “Moving water is expensive and fuel intensive,” explains Sauder. “When we can move concentrated active ingredients and blend them closer to their end use on the farm, not only do we save money, but we have a fresher, better, more potent product for use in the field.”

Innovative Biologicals. “There is a biological revolution coming in agriculture, and we intend to be on the forefront of that movement,” says Sauder. “V5-Bio is our most recent biological release, and it now joins CARBON CYCLE™, our residue reducer.”

Autonomous Application. “Our new computer-guided applicator means we can cover more acres in a given day with fewer people,” he explains. “Having a driverless rig means being able to reallocate human resources in a way that’s safer and more efficient. It will actually help us cover more acres with less fuel and reducing the potential for accidents day and night.”

In today’s ag climate, says Sauder, his team is tasked with making the most of every acre, controlling weeds that are resistant to chemicals, and conserving soil, water and air. The Platte Peak Crop Performance initiative is being undertaken with the same rigor FVC applies to any new offering.

“We are always looking to gain efficiency and provide the best solutions for farmers,” he says. “We want to help growers make the most out of every dollar they spend with us”

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