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Big Demand Sharpens Need For Higher Soybean Yields


“We’ve got to make up for lost time and help farmers grow more bushels for less cost.”

$350 million from Archer Daniels Midland. $475 million from Cargill. $600 million from Chevron – just three of many companies investing big in new U.S. soybean crushing capacity all across the Corn Belt.

“Plant capacity is up 110% from a year ago,” Todd Hultman, DTN grain market analyst told farmers at a recent farm show. “They’re not going to stop buying soybeans anytime soon.” In fact, increased demand for renewable diesel will likely require farmers to grow beans on 9.5 million to 10 million more acres by 2026, according to AgResource Co. economist Dan Basse.

“We’ve got to make up for lost time,” says Mitch Eviston, Founder and CEO of Meristem Crop Performance. “We need to help farmers grow more bushels for less with the right crop input technology. It’s time to fight back.” Eviston says”fight back” because he feels a lack of seed treatment innovation has been holding farmers back. “In my 30 years in this business, there’s been no real change in seed treatment options through the planter box. With BIOCAPSULE™ we’re changing that.”

BIO-CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY™ (BCT) is Meristem’s patented delivery system that helps farmers save time, labor and fuel. The BCT carrier system allows for the addition of multiple biological solutions safely packaged for convenient deployment at planting. The REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE Soybean BIO-CAPSULEs are charged with Terraysm® and a powerful consortium of beneficial microbes. Those microbes are released at planting time into a micronutrient blend carried in a talc/graphite seed fluency agent.

“BIO-CAPSULE keeps the microbes in REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE alive and healthy all the way to the furrow so they can help plants build bigger root systems, stay healthier and canopy faster,” says Eviston. “That’s how we can help meet the demand for more soybeans in the years ahead.”

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