Hear what people are saying

Farmers are aggressively seeking solutions to produce more output per unit input. The Meristem leadership team and proven product portfolio allows farmers to remove costly inefficiencies in their operations. See what some of them have to say.

“Homestretch MaintaiN is a very easy to use product. We didn’t sacrifice any performance and provided more bang for our buck when compared to competitors. We’ll use more MaintaiN, maybe on all of our acres next year.”

“With Homestretch Ultra, Aquadraft E and Aquadraft X, Meristem Crop Performance is looking toward the future and offers options to farmers using Enlist™ and Xtend® technology for their soybeans.”

“Homestretch MaintaiN is a game changer in Nitrogen stabilization. It’s non-corrosive and easy to use. It’s something everyone should take a look at.”

“The margins on a farm are pretty tight. If you spend a buck, you have to make something back. This year, we switched to the full lineup of Meristem products and got along really well.”

“We’ve used InterLock in the past and switched to TRUTRACK this year. We had no mixing issues at all, it was cheaper and it worked better. I’ve been spraying for 13 years and TRUTRACK has been one of the best products I’ve used.”

“REVLINE proved itself. It performed well on a field that was marginal for the conditions and it really made stuff come out of the ground and roll fast.”

“Water conditioning agents are extremely important—they help everything in the spray tank work a little better. With what you’re paying for herbicides and different foliars and things, you want everything to work to its full potential. AQUADRAFT has been an excellent product with performance far superior to anything we’ve used in the past.”


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