Stewardship and Sustainability

“Grow good crops, take care of my family and land, so I can leave it for the next generation in a better condition than I found it.”

Ask Kevin Born, farmer and CEO of Environmental Tillage Systems what’s important to him and that’s his reply. It sounds like stewardship. Sounds like sustainability. And it’s emblematic of farmers all across America.

American farmers are true environmentalists – the practical, hands-on, everyday kind that get up in the morning and work all day in partnership with nature. They are the stewards of the resources they have and the land they farm.

At Meristem, we recognize that our success is dependent on the success of these growers. Our sustainability is tied to theirs. And a sustainable farm operation must be financially sound, taking in more money than it spends.

For us, sustainability and stewardship means a day-in, day-out pursuit of efficiency, so growers can keep more of the money they earn. It means:

  • saving fuel by shipping products directly to the farm.
  • avoiding an ag distribution system that’s too fat with overhead costs and,
  • working around big distribution players to bring products to market that are better for the crop, the farmer AND the environment.

To be sustainable, people and teams must seize the day to meet the needs of the present generation while not compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs. At Meristem, that’s what we do every day.