Meristem Crop Performance works with farmers to drive out cost of production and increase productivity.

REVLINE™ plant growth regulator is one of the highest performing PGR formulations available, with active ingredients known to promote early season root growth with enhanced nutrient uptake that builds plant mass in corn, soybeans and wheat - all at a value that just makes sense. When using REVLINE on corn, it is recommended to be used in-furrow in conjunction with Homestretch Zinc 9%. Meristem recommends REVLINE in reproductive stages of growth in tandem with post applications. REVLINE in foliar uses in soybeans drives faster canopy, healthier plants and more opportunity for yield. REVLINE also delivers results in wheat, sugar beets, potatoes and other crops.

Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient ways to supply nutrition and critical micro-nutrients to crops during critical growth stages. HOMESTRETCH™ ULTRA is our top tier nutritional with high concentrations of Nitrogen and critical micro-nutrients in the highest quality formulation to ensure tank mix compatibility. HOMESTRETCH™'s foliar applied formulations are ideal for in-season nutrient applications on row crops. HOMESTRETCH ULTRA is an approved tank mix partner for Enlist™, Engenia®, Xtend® and FeXapan®.

Buy 5 gallons* of REVLINE™ plant growth regulator and 50 gallons* of HOMESTRETCH™ ZINC 9% nutritional
Buy 100 gallons** of HOMESTRETCH™ ULTRA nutritional
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* 5 gallons of REVLINE™ plant growth regulator and 50 gallons of HOMESTRETCH Zinc 9% nutritional is designed to cover 200 acres.

** 100 gallons of HOMESTRETCH™ ULTRA nutritional is designed to cover 400 acres.

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