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Use Rate:

Drift & Deposition: 3oz/acre
In Place of Crop Oils: 8oz/acre

TRUTRACK™ by Meristem Crop Performance™ delivers excellent spray drift control through the reduction of fine droplets. TRUTRACK™ multi-functional properties enhance penetration, spreading and deposition of spray droplets improving efficacy and reducing off-target risks. TRUTRACK™ is a Ph-neutral, methylated vegetable oil, lecithin and surfactant blend designed for use with pesticides and nutritional products. TRUTRACK™ is an approved Tank Mix Partner for XtendiMax® and FeXapan™ Herbicides and has been approved as a tank mix partner for XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology and FeXapan™ with VaporGrip®Technology when used in conjunction with a drift reducing adjuvant as specified by Monsanto® and DuPont®. Minimum orders may apply.

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