RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat ST

RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat ST

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Use the product calculator to quickly determine the appropriate amount of product for your application. Simply enter the acreage for your application and the calculator utilizes the recommended use rate to determine just how much product you need, splitting the required amount into 250 gallon totes and the remaining volume into 2x2.5 gallon jugs. If you would prefer to package in a different manner than auto populated, example – all 2x2.5 jugs, just use the “recommended gallons” provided and manually enter the quantity of each volume package you need. Click “Add to Cart” and this product is ready for checkout.






$7.58 / unit
$2.81 / acre

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6 oz/cwt or 43 (50# unit) units/gal.
5 gal treats 215 units. 15 gal treats 645 units.  

RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat Seed Treatment from Meristem Crop Performance™ gives your corn a boost in nutrition needed for seed germination and growth, while keeping it safe from disease and ultimately enhancing yield and protein content. All at a value that just makes sense.

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